Diabetes Specialty

What can a Diabetes Educator do for you?

The Diabetes Education Centre at the hospital employs certified diabetes educators and so does our Medicine Shoppe! We value knowledge and empowerment in health care and a team approach. 

What is a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE)?

A CDE is a person dedicated to a higher level of knowledge and training undergoing regular certification to assist you in understanding and implementing available treatment options, and to work with you to make those changes that will positively impact your diabetes health.

We understand how diabetes affects all areas of your life, and our goal is to decrease your burden, while maintaining and improving your overall health.

We see YOU, before we see your diabetes!

Studies show a reduction in HbA1c and lower overall healthcare costs after participating in a formal diabetes education program. The first step to better diabetes care is to identify, understand, and manage patterns. Book your consultation with our Certified Diabetes Educator today!

  • we offer blood sugar and blood pressure testing devices and supplies
  • we can assist you in setting up your testing equipment
  • we offer a selection of insulin pump supplies
  • we work with your doctor and allied health care professionals
  • we offer foot care services

Ask us how to avoid the poke with the less-invasive glucose sensor!

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